Currently, the company is in its final stages of testing a patented technology designed to handle accidental oil spills on the open seas, lakes, rivers, and marinas.

The technology is mounted on a vessel and is deployed at an oil spill location. Using a fast removal system on the surface of the water, it delivers oil to the vessel’s built-in separation units. These function in such a matter that all the liquids delivered to the system separate oil from water. Oil will be accumulated in the vessel while the water will be discharged back into the ocean, lake, river or other bodies of water.

The work capacity of this particular vessel is 1500 gallons. With a 5 ft. conveyor delivery system attached to the vessel, it has the ability to cover 17,600 sq. yards per hour.

Vessel dimensions are 40 ft. (length) by 10.5 ft. (wide). It can be transported by land or loaded on a barge and towed to the affected area. It can also be transported by airplane/helicopter and dropped into the affected area.

The intent is for this technology to be part of a “first strike” equipment installation aboard oil tankers and all marine vessels sailing the oceans.

Current Technology

Today’s typical technology covers the surface with an absorbent material that is removed mechanically or by a vacuum. The oil, along with the water is stored in a holding barge and offloaded to shore where it has to be disposed of as hazardous material. Ninety-seven percent of the liquid in the barge is actually water, and 2%- 3% or less is oil. Consequently, this is an inefficient and extremely costly method.

EcoSave Technologies, LLC

Our system does not store any water. It stores only oil. The oil and water are immediately separated and water is returned into the waterways.