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Ecosave Technologies

Products and Systems Eliminating Hydrocarbons

EcoSave Technologies, LLC is a San Diego-based company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of both products and systems that eliminate hydrocarbons (oil pollutants) present or accidentally spilled in any body of water (oceans, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, marinas etc.).


Within about one year, the savings could be approximately one-half million dollars.

Blue Wave

Fits into the existing storm drain and prevents pollutants from passing to the treatment facility.

EcoSave’s technology is based on
particle separation and molecular bonding.

Amazingly uncomplicated, user-friendly and safe, our unique product line outperforms and outlasts all others.

Our technologies are specifically targeted to be employed in the following fields:

  • Ocean Oil Spills, Remediation, and Pollution Removal
  • Machine Shops
  • Storm Drains
  • Marinas

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EcoSave Technologies, LLC provides hydrocarbon removal and general environmental services to a variety of customers in environmentally-related fields.

Our clients range from personal use machine shops to global governmental agencies and include:

  • BP
  • Solar Turbine
  • Oceangate, New Jersey


EcoSave Technologies, LLC has been formed due to the increase in global needs and heightened demand for hydrocarbon products in our daily lives.

Environmental disasters, such as the groundings and collisions of oil transport vessels, uncontrolled discharge of oil into open water, accidental spillage from oil tanker terminals, oil platforms releasing oil, and the ever-modernization of fabrication machines using coolant as a base for machining applications have demanded the technology developed by EcoSave Technologies, LLC.

These environmental disasters and the uncontrolled discharges of oil into waterways have guided EcoSave into the field to help to prevent negative environmental impact and catastrophic activities.

EcoSave has developed patented technologies and assembled qualified personal dedicated to the protection of the environment in an attempt to effectively and affordably resolve oil spills and related issues.

Benjamin Gerfunkle

About our Founder and CEO

Deeply passionate about our environment, Benjamin (Benny) has spent years and invested well over a million dollars developing this revolutionary technology.

After implementing it in the first response vessels, he used the same patented technology to create Hydro-Clean machine shop equipment and Blue Wave storm drains.

His vast environmental expertise comes from working for Israel Electric Company, NASSCO, Solar Turbine, and General Dynamics.