Storm Drains

Rainwater and runoff with floating debris (styrofoam, discharge, silt, sand, etc.) or petroleum oils (deposited by automobiles, etc.) continuously flow, unobstructed through storm drains into oceans, bays, lakes, rivers, and streams.

Each storm drain throughout the city or highway, etc., requires a recycling unit to handle the runoff. The working capacity of the recycling unit depends on the requirements of the department which handles the storm drains and street pollutant removal.

EcoSave Technologies, LLC has introduced a patented process that can be fit into the existing wall of the storm drain and will prevent pollutants from passing to the treatment facility. After water entering the storm drains is treated, clean water is discharged to continue to the facilities. As an added benefit, bacteria and contamination are reduced within the storm drain vaults.

EcoSave’s storm drain equipment is easy to operate and maintain.

“Looking at the results, your system does a great job of reducing the nutrient flow into Barnegat Bay!”

Mark Feitelson

President , Precision Analytical Services, Inc.

Ocean Gate Project, New Jersey / Barnegat Bay
1st Storm Drain Installation Interceptor