Machine Shops

For a machine shop to operate, synthetic coolant is used. Coolant is used for hydraulic movement where oil is present. The coolant quality is affected by the oil which causes bacteria growth, as well as a foul stench. Consequently, the coolant is periodically changed every 30 to 60 days.

EcoSave’s patented belt delivery system removes the surface liquid which contains oil (or emulsified oil.) The oil is then delivered via a skimmer into a recycling unit where the separation of oil and water takes place. Oil remains in the recycling unit while the clean liquid, coolant, or water is discharged again into the operating machine.

Independent field tests conducted in that environment show that with a 38% oil and 62% water delivery into the unit, a 99.26% clear water solution results (or clear coolant to that effect).

The unique, patented recycling system has another future benefit: Anaerobic bacteria are drastically reduced in the liquid over time due to the unit’s cleansing effect. The machine shop can use the same liquid instead of spending additional time and money replacing coolant.

The chart on the right illustrates the benefits that arise from using the system in a machine shop that operates 60 machines. Within about one year, the savings could be approximately one-half million dollars. This includes downtime, cleaning the facility, recharging the facility, and the cost of introducing new coolant into the facility.