Evaporation Control

The engineering department of EcoSave Technologies, LLC works in the field of water conservation technologies, seeking new methods to reduce evaporation resulting from solar heat. Solar heat affects the surface of water, causing a significant amount of water evaporation and reducing the water supply.

Typically, the evaporation factor in a reservoir is about four feet in height per year. For example, in a year’s time, the level of water in a reservoir 15 ft. deep will be reduced by four ft. (assuming there is no additional water added to the reservoir and no water being taken out for other purposes.) This means the new height of the reservoir will be 11 ft. by the end of the year. Thus, an enormous amount of water is lost to the atmosphere as a result of evaporation (the total area of the reservoir multiplied by 4 ft height expresses that loss.) Water lost in this way can be saved and used effectively.